Head: Prof.Arie Rimmerman

PhD Degree Program Objectives

The Program is geared towards MA Degree holders whose achievements indicate excellence in the areas of theory, research and practice. Over the course of the PhD Degree studies, students participate in courses whose goals are to develop knowledge and methodological skills in research and theory building; prepare for future integration into academia; and acquire knowledge in analyzing social policy.

The Program’s aims are to teach and guide students to carry out innovative research, and encourage them to become active contributors of new knowledge in the social work field. The Program also trains students to take on key roles in research and academia, and embrace leadership roles in the areas of social work policy and practice.

Admissions Requirements to the Program

Any individual with a BA or MA Degree in Social Work from a recognized university in Israel, with an average of 86%  in his MA studies and a final grade of 90 or above on his final research project (thesis), may apply for admission to the PhD Study Program.

Registration for the PhD Program is for the first semester only. The registration dates are from January to May (the exact date is published at the beginning of each academic year). The registration process is as follows: after registering on the university website, the student must submit a registration request to the school by filling out the necessary forms. These forms will be submitted with a printed copy to the Students’ Secretary’s Office of the School of Social Work, Eshkol Tower, 5th floor, room 510.

All forms may be found on the School of Social Work website (Information for candidates – PhD Degree): http://sw2.haifa.ac.il/index.php/he/phd-candidates-info

As part of the admissions process, the candidate will be asked to submit an agreement from a lecturer who is certified to supervise research students; prepare a formal statement of his academic intentions (research project subject); and provide two letters of recommendation (not including the aforementioned supervisor) from senior academic staff members who can testify to the candidate’s abilities. An additional recommendation must be submitted by the candidate’ MA thesis supervisor.

PhD Study Program Structure

The PhD Study Program is divided into two stages:

Research Stage 1

This stage is dedicated to preparing an extended research proposal and completing all other requirements, mainly the Study Program’s ongoing courses.

All PhD students have one year in which to submit their research proposal to the Doctoral Committee.

Research Stage 2

This stage is dedicated to conducting research and writing the doctoral dissertation. In addition, the student will continue to study on an as needed basis and complete all of the Study Program’s required courses. The allocated time period for completing the required study courses and the doctoral dissertation is three years.

The School of Social Work PhD Program is comprised of 16 mandatory semester hours.

The studies are concentrated into one day – Tuesday.

Link to the Advanced Studies Authority: information about procedures, scholarships, and required forms: http://graduate.haifa.ac.il/index.php?lang=he