Program Director: Dr. Michael Weinberg


The Masters Program in Social Work is geared towards deepening social workers professional abilities, skills and independence in the field of social work and strengthening identification with the principles of the social work profession. The Master program offers two tracks: Track A – the Research Track (with thesis) and Track B (no thesis required). Track A is a three-year program; Track B is a two-year program. In order to enable the students to simultaneously maintain their daily employment and activities, the studies take place only once a week (on Mondays). In the second academic year, an additional day is added, dedicated to the teaching of practicum.

The Program provides students with additional knowledge and training, to strengthen their ability to work in different social work frameworks with populations in distress, as professional social workers and distributors of knowledge (counselors and teachers). Furthermore, the MA Program expands and deepens the students’ theoretical and research knowledge base, prepares students for academic independence, and trains them to take on management roles and positions.

MA students specialize in general fields of study as well as specific selected areas of social work study such as: the clinical specialty, in which theoretical and practical clinical knowledge is expanded; the trauma specialty, in which intervention methods for treating trauma survivors and their families are learnt; the leadership and social change specialty, which emphasizes develop professional and academic leadership to advance social change according to the principles of social work.; the family specialty , which expands theoretical and practical knowledge in family intervention, while complying with the requirements of the family therapy association in order to receive certification as a family therapist (dependent upon the association’s certification); the child and youth specialty, which fosters skills of intervention with children and youth; and the rehabilitation and health specialty, which broadens theoretical and practical knowledge in interventions with individuals coping with, mental health and physical disabilities.

The Program’s Structure according to the Chosen Study Track

There are two study tracks in the MA Program for Social Work: Track A is the Research Track, a program based on research, and theoretical and practical studies in the field of social work. Students must study in total 32 hours (per semester) and submit a final thesis. The Research Track is a three-year study program. Track B is the ‘no thesis’ track, based on theoretical and practical studies in the field of social work. Students must study in total 40 hours (per semester) and pass the final exam. The ‘no thesis’ track is a two-year study program. During the second academic year (for both Tracks A and B),  students  engage in field work – within the practicum framework of his/her chosen area of study  specialty.