BA Program 

This unique program, affiliated with Haifa University’s School of Social Work, was established in the 2010 academic year. This program is designed to meet the special needs of the religious and Haredi communities, but runs parallel to the regular Social Work program at Haifa University, and is identical to it in both structure and academic requirements.

This three-year study program is comprised of both theoretical and practical studies, including a two-year practical training period. For second-year students, the practical training takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays; in the third year of studies practical training is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For a closer look at the study program, its courses and requirements, please go to The School of Social Work general website and browse the BA Study Program section. 

Studies take place in Mivchar - the Haredi College in Bnei Brak - and are conducted with a complete separation between women and men. Women study at the college during morning hours; men study in the afternoon and evening.

Students in the Haredi study program are an inseparable part of the student body studying at the School of Social Work in Haifa University – they are Haifa University students in every way. Upon concluding the Haredi program, students are awarded a BA degree in Social Work from Haifa University.

All of the Program’s lecturers are appointed regular staff from the School of Social Work, as well as instructors with extensive experience and thorough knowledge in their different fields of expertise in the area social work.

Field Studies

In the first academic study year, students participate in a pre-Field Studies program, and learn about social-learning involvement. The actual Field Studies program takes place in the second and third years of study – in the form of 17 weekly hours, usually 2-3 days a week. Students learn to implement the individual, group and community methods practiced in the social work profession, through one-on-one and group instruction. Field studies are conducted at different agencies - from throughout the northern part of Israel down to Netanya, such as: social services and rehabilitation centers, children and youth agencies, hospitals, mental health clinics, prisons, old-age homes and geriatric centers. After completing the first and second academic years, students are required to complete a “Field Studies Placement Questionnaire”. If the questionnaire isn’t submitted to the Field Studies unit on time, the student will not be ensured a place in the Field Studies unit for the coming year. Special placements for students with medical disabilities are provided, (details are available in the Field Studies orientation information page).

Students are responsible for all travel expenses related to Field Studies. The student’s work is evaluated bi-annually by the instructors. The evaluation process is conducted by the instructor, with the student’s participation. The evaluation is then transferred for authorization by the head of the Field Studies unit. The final Field Studies grade will be based upon this evaluation by the Field Studies unit (pass/fail).

The Field Studies part of the program takes place over the course of the academic year. In exceptional cases, in which Field Studies take place during the summer, students are responsible for financing all Field Studies-related expenses.

MA Program

This unique Program, affiliated with the the School of Social Work at Haifa University, was established in 2010.

This Program is adapted to the needs of the religious and Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community and is identical to the regular program, taught at Haifa University, as regards both structure and academic requirements.

Studies are conducted at the ultra-Orthodox Mivchar College, located in Bnei Brak, where there is a complete separation between men and women.

Students studying in this Program are perceived as an inseparable part of the School of Social Work student body, and are considered students of Haifa University in every way.

Upon completing the Program at Mivchar College, students are awarded an MA Degree in Social Work from Haifa University.

Study Goals

The study program towards an MA degree in Social Work is based on the following goals:

  • To strengthen students’ identification with the profession’s values
  • To deepen students’ professional abilities and independence in the field of social work
  • To enable students to acquire additional education and skills to reinforce their capacity to work in various diverse frameworks with troubled populations, as professional workers and distributors of knowledge (instructors and teachers).
  • To expand students’ theoretical and research knowledge base, and train students towards academic independence.
  • To train students to serve in management positions