About the Unit

The School’s Field Studies program is an integral part of the BA program; the first and second year of the Supplementary Program; and the second year of the MA program.

The Field Studies unit is responsible for field-related teaching contents, determining practices and procedures, supervising field instruction, choosing field studies agencies, criteria for hiring guides and instructors, criteria for evaluating students and instructors, and the connection between field studies and academic studies.


The main goals of the field studies unit is to provide students with experience according to the multi-method approach through interacting with individuals, families, groups, and communities in the various agencies that provide social work services. This experiential process allows students to engage in actual provision of social work services opposite individuals that represent the wide range of population in need of such services.

The students’ work is carefully supervised by the close guidance of individual and group supervisors, authorized by the Field Studies unit. The goals of supervision are to provide students with professional skills, help them develop self-awareness and a heightened awareness of others, and to ensure the quality of their work.